Friday, May 15, 2015

Quilt as You Go

A Quilt as you Go baby quilt. Claire has perfected this method. She does such excellent work.  She starts with a 9" square for the top and a 11" square for the back. A top and back square are sandwiched with a 9" square of batting. She quilts an X through the sandwich of each block. Then taking two blocks she sews a 1"seam (back sides together) that will run right next to the top and batting. She now folds the seam allowance  (one side at a time) in half so the edge of the seam allowance is touching the top/batting.  She folds that over the raw edge of the top and stitches it down as you would do binding.  Now do it to the other side.  Continue to do pair of squares until you have done all the blocks in a row.  Connect the pairs to make your row.  Once the rows are together, she sews the rows together matching the corners.

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