Friday, November 2, 2012

Tube Quilts

go together fast.  You can start with seven 5 1/2" strips of width of fabric that you think with go together. This will make a 35" square quilt.  The fabrics can be grouped by color, theme, etc. - your choice.
Next placing them in order you would like them to be stair stepped.  In the one above as our sample, the first fabric is actually the light blue fabric - quilt held by a side.  The dark blue is second, etc.  Sew the first two strips together, then keep sewing strips to the right side of the ones already sewn til you have all seven sewn together.  Now sew the first and last strips together to make a tub.  Once the tube is made you will cut it into 5" segments.  Locate your first fabric and pick out the seam between the first and last.  Do this for the other 6 segments, removing the seam between the consecutive fabric order you decided on before you sewed them together.  Then sew the vertical rows together alternating the order the seams lay so you can abutt the seams as you come to them.  And there you have it - a tube quilt top assembled.  At the meeting we can sandwich and tie, then someone will take home to bind.

For Leon

Typically, our quilts go to low income mothers when they come to their post partum visit at the Mommy & Me clinic near to us.  Sometimes, we hear of a special case in our own parish.  Leon, a preemie in our own parish, has come to our attention and we will be giving his family a quilt.
Here is Leon's quilt made using the tube method by one member, then sandwiched and tied by two other members, then bound by another member.  This quilt goes to Leon and his family with our love and prayers  and hopes he is soon home to hold and cuddle and love.